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Immersive audio experience with Apple AirPods, AirPods pros 2nd generation and Bose Earbuds 2.

All traditional boxing gyms run pretty much the same way.

There is a strong spirit that unites Recreational, Amateur, or Professional boxers, motivating them to train hard regardless of their goals. They are all there for the same reason: the hard work.

That's why the music in the background helps and encourages them to get into this zone.

The Zone is a place in your mind where anything you want to try is achievable. It helps you stay focused, concentrating throughout the process, where nothing around you can distract or take your mind away from your busy training.

Reaching this level requires an enormous amount of years of training experience, but people often use devices like headphones or earphones too fast forward the process. In boxing training, music serves various purposes:

- Setting the mind up: preparing boxers mentally and physically to expect the unexpected.

- Working with the musical rhythm: having the ability to change pace according to the musical rhythm.

- Setting up the mood: Music gives boxers the kick they need to start their training right.

- Motivation: Music can also be helpful to push boxers through the training process.

I need my earphones to go through my training, and it can be challenging without them. I know that anything could distract me from my training when I forget them at home.

My boxing coach had a straightforward way of expressing what he thought about training when he wanted the best from me. He used the following phrase:

"If you wish to level up in boxing, you need to learn to abstract from any unnecessary things occupying your mind—your friends, family, girlfriend or boyfriend, job... They don't exist anymore. The only thing that matters at the time is your training."

Music brings enough energy and helps maintain discipline for intensive training. Being surrounded by music in the background is essential for boxers to reproduce all the bullet points mentioned above.

To get into the zone, here are my top 3 earphones that I like to use:

1. Apple AirPods 2nd generation:

So far, the best earphones I use in terms of sound effects. They may not be as great as the AirPods Pro, but what matters to me the most is that they stay in your ear even if your ears get sweaty.

However, they are not adapted for the dynamic movement required in boxing and are more suitable for static workouts like weight lifting. The price is between £120-£130.

Click on the below to purchase this item.

2. Apple AirPods Pro:

Great sound effects with earbuds that are useful for noise cancellation.

Unfortunately, when your ears get sweaty, the earbuds may not stick inside anymore.

Like the AirPods 2nd generation, they are not suitable for proper boxing training. The price is between £200-£230.

Click on the link below to purchase this item:

3. Immersive audio experience with Bose Earbuds 2:

Amazing sound effects with a voice indicating battery level and connected phone.

They have excellent noise cancellation, sucking air inside the ear hole area for optimal noise cancellation. Very practical to use. The price is between £250-£300

Click on the link below to purchase this item:


What really matters is the ability to change your state of mind. In other words, it's how you approach your training session.

Are you going to count the time, or make the time count? If your attention is clearly focused on giving everything in your training session, then the ZONE will be easier to reach.

If not, it means you may not be ready to reach the next level and will need assistance to get there.

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