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Is Boxing a martial art or just a sport?


When I started my journey in Kickboxing and Boxing training more than 25 years ago, I quickly realised that the foundations of these two disciplines are identical:

✔️ Both require hip rotation to be able to develop power into your arms and legs which are an extension of your body.

✔️ Both are distance fights, which means you don’t need to be close to your opponent to be able to hit them.

So why people generally think Boxing is a sport but not a martial art, and Kickboxing is?


This is what I think!!

In my opinion it’s all about the way you approach it: the art lies in the mindset needed in these disciplines.

Boxing and Kickboxing require an enormous amount of intense training, strength, discipline, energy and a strong FIGHTING SPIRIT in order to be the best you can be.

Your fitness level has to be on point and the amount of time spent in the gym - to perfect your hand and legs coordination - is unbelievable . A fighter has to be ready to give a lot and receive little in return.

On top of this, both disciplines will teach you how to become resilient, and that will depend on how strong your mind is.

If you look back to when you first started, where you are now and the level you could reach, it would be a shame to give up right?!


Forcing yourself to go beyond your limit, never giving up, not letting anything or any negative thought slip into your mind that would stop to become the best version of yourself... That's a MARTIAL ART.

Any combat or contact sport should be considered as “Martial arts”, knowing the fact that you can get hurt by practicing it. Your mind really has to be solid like a rock to succeed. Real strength is not defined by the size of your muscles but by how much physical and emotional pain you can take.

If you train like a martial artist, doors will open because you can implement different movements from other disciplines in your training like Taïchi, Taekwondo, karate, Salsa dance, etc. If you regard it only as a sport, you will be limited by the structure of the discipline.

In Fighting Spirit Boxing training, I train boxers and group classes attendees in a martial arts way because I want them to surpass themselves and be the best they could ever be.

Follow Fighting Spirit Boxing on Facebook and Instagram and feel free to contact me or visit if you need more information on my training.

Thank you for reading ;)

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