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Focus on your performance and we will deal with the rest!

FSB Management commits to maintaining a team of professionals that strives to represent boxers with honesty and integrity to acquire the best individual deals, and to nurture their public image.

What do we do?

At FSB Management we provide an all-round representation service for boxers.

How do we do it? 

We commit to providing fair representation for boxers in negotiations for fights and tournaments, training camps, sponsor and collaboration deals, and bookings for non-fight events. We assist them in creating their honest public story and handle the integrity of public messaging and dealings with the press.


What do we do for our athletes?

We advise our athletes on decisions about their physical, mental, and financial health, and set up the necessary meetings, deals and contracts to achieve this.

Ashley stands prepared for the commencement of his boxing match

Ashley Thompson

Daryll and Calvin in intense action during their boxing match

Daryll Burke Karpha

We are taking boxers in!

Our belief is that hard work always pays off, and that someone with little boxing experience can be turned into a very skillful fighter with the right training and structure - that's why we are always seeking out new trainees to make them the best they can be!

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