Getting the foundation of Boxing right!!!

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Boxing is THE sport which had my attention from when I was little and I believe that I was fascinated and amazed by the beauty of how easy a boxer moves, dodges, punches and protects him/herself in the ring. I quickly found out though that there is a price to pay for all those fancy moves, and that you have to be ready to put in a lot of effort and receive little in return. And also, in all of my years of training, I have always been surprised by the amount of people that start out with the same amount of interest but never last long!

However, this is how it works. You will attend a boxing class and find lots of people that are there for the same reason as you: working hard and learn skills. But, although the quality of training might be good, you won't learn much because the coach just doesn't have time to teach you all individually exactly how it works. Not because he doesn't want to, but because he has to look after everyone at the same time.

With my blog, I hope to be able to provide you with more knowledge about the basics of boxing, so you will feel ready to learn more whenever you step in to a boxing class.

The main thing in your foundation is the stance position, so let's start with that!

There are two stance positions in boxing, Orthodox and South Paw.

An Orthodox stance has the left foot as the lead one.

Let's break it down:

  1. keep your feet together

  2. now place them shoulder width apart, make sure that your feet are more or less on the same level as your shoulders

  3. take one symmetric (on the same line) step back with your right foot

  4. rotate 45 degrees to the line of attack ( to the right)

  5. make your knees soft and rock your legs back and forth

  6. keep your shoulders up at all times

  7. have your chin down

  8. keep your hands up, in the guard

A South Paw stance has the right foot as the lead one.

Repeat the same process as for the Orthodox stance but your left foot is back.

I'm sure you have heard that if you are right handed you have to use an Orthodox stance and for left handed people a South Paw stance, but it's all depending on how comfortable you feel to use one from the other.

Having a good stance position in boxing or any martial art will guarantee good stability on the ground and will help you to generate power.

Power comes from the ground, and by rotating your hips, it travels all along your body and ends up in your fists.

To summarise, boxing is all about make unnatural moves natural.

Well, that's it for now! If you have any questions, feel free to email, message or Dm me on Facebook and Instagram and I'll be more than happy to help you.



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