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Direct Tax Laws Tn Manoharan Pdf 52

Direct Tax Laws Tn Manoharan Pdf 52

Direct tax laws are the laws that govern the taxation of income and wealth of individuals and entities. Direct taxes are levied directly on the income or assets of the taxpayers, such as income tax, wealth tax, gift tax, etc. Direct tax laws are complex and dynamic, as they are constantly amended by the government to meet the changing economic and social needs.

One of the most popular and comprehensive books on direct tax laws in India is the book by T.N. Manoharan and G.R. Hari, titled "Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation". This book is written for students and professionals who are preparing for various examinations and courses related to direct tax laws, such as CA Final, CS Professional, CMA Final, M.Com, LL.B., MBA, etc. The book covers the provisions of the Income-tax Act, 1961 as amended by the Finance Act, 2021 and other relevant acts and rules. The book also includes detailed analysis of topics such as GAAR, POEM, BEPS, ICDS, transfer pricing, DTAA, equalization levy, etc.

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The book is divided into two parts: Part I deals with direct tax laws and Part II deals with international taxation. The book has 52 chapters in total, covering all the aspects of direct tax laws and international taxation. The book is updated with the latest amendments, rules, circulars and case laws as reported up to April 2021. The book also provides answers to the select questions of past 21 examinations of CA Final - Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation.

The book is available in paperback format and has 1104 pages. The book can be purchased online from various websites such as [Snow White Publications], [Bharati Law House], [Lion Kart], etc. The price of the book ranges from Rs. 1435 to Rs. 1895 depending on the website and the availability of discounts.

The book is a must-have for anyone who wants to master the direct tax laws and international taxation in India. The book is written in a simple and lucid language and provides numerous examples and illustrations to explain the concepts. The book is also useful for reference and revision purposes.

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