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LoLChess: The Most Comprehensive and User-Friendly TFT App - APK Download Link

LoL Chess APK: A Guide to the Ultimate Auto Chess Game

If you are a fan of League of Legends and auto chess games, you might have heard of lol chess apk, a mobile app that combines the best of both worlds. Lol chess apk is a free-to-play strategy game that lets you control a team of champions from the popular MOBA title, League of Legends, and compete against other players in a round-based battle arena. The game is also known as Teamfight Tactics (TFT), and it is one of the most popular auto chess games in the market.

lol chess apk

But what exactly is lol chess apk, and why is it so popular? What are the main features of the app, and how can you play it? How can you download it for your Android device, and what are some tips and tricks for winning? In this article, we will answer all these questions and more. Read on to find out everything you need to know about lol chess apk.

What is lol chess apk?

Lol chess apk is an Android app that allows you to play Teamfight Tactics (TFT), a game mode of League of Legends that was released in 2019. TFT is an auto chess game, which means that you do not control your champions directly, but rather place them on a hexagonal board and let them fight automatically. Your goal is to build a strong team composition that can defeat your opponents and survive until the end.

Lol chess apk is not an official app from Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, but rather a third-party app that provides you with access to TFT on your mobile device. The app is developed by iLoveLoL, a fan-made website that offers various tools and resources for League of Legends players. The app is free to download and play, but it contains ads that can be removed by purchasing a premium subscription.

Why is lol chess apk popular?

Lol chess apk is popular because it offers a fun and engaging way to play TFT on your mobile device. TFT is already a very popular game mode among League of Legends players, as it combines the familiar characters and lore of the MOBA with a new and exciting gameplay style. TFT is also easy to learn but hard to master, as it requires strategic thinking, quick decision making, and adaptation skills.

Lol chess apk makes TFT even more accessible and convenient, as you can play it anytime and anywhere on your Android device. You can also enjoy some exclusive features that are not available in the official TFT app, such as:

  • An overlay function that provides you with quick access to essential information without leaving the TFT app.

  • A detailed information section that shows you everything you need to know about champions, items, traits, and augments in the game.

  • A summoner lookup function that allows you to search for your own or other players' match history and stats.

  • A team composition builder that helps you create and save your own or other players' team comps.

  • A smooth and beautiful user interface that enhances your gaming experience.

  • An offline mode that lets you use most features without an internet connection.

What are the main features of lol chess apk?

Lol chess apk has many features that make it a great app for playing TFT on your mobile device. Some of the main features are:

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Lol chess apk allows you to play TFT on your Android device with ease. You can join matches with other players from around the world, or play against bots in practice mode. You can also choose from different game modes, such as ranked, normal, hyper roll, and special events. You can also customize your avatar, emotes, arena, and booms in the app.


Lol chess apk provides you with a wealth of information that can help you improve your TFT skills and knowledge. You can access the information section from the overlay function or the main menu of the app. You can find detailed and updated information about:

  • Champions: their stats, abilities, traits, synergies, and recommended items.

  • Items: their effects, combinations, and best uses.

  • Traits: their bonuses, tiers, and champions that belong to them.

  • Augments: their effects, categories, and availability.

You can also use the search function to find any information you need quickly and easily.


Lol chess apk allows you to lookup any summoner's match history and stats in TFT. You can search for your own or other players' summoner names and view their profile. You can see their:

  • Rank and tier

  • Match history and details

  • Win rate and top 4 rate

  • Average placement and damage

  • Most used champions and items

  • Current team composition

You can also compare your stats with other players and see how you rank among them.


Lol chess apk helps you build your own team compositions or copy other players' team comps. You can access the builder section from the overlay function or the main menu of the app. You can create and save your own team comps by:

  • Selecting champions from the list or the board

  • Dragging and dropping them on the hexagonal grid

  • Adding items to them from the list or the carousel

  • Naming and saving your team comp

You can also view other players' team comps by:

  • Selecting a summoner from the lookup section or the leaderboard

  • Viewing their current or previous team comp

  • Copying their team comp to your builder section

  • Editing or saving their team comp as your own

How to play lol chess?

Lol chess is a game that requires strategy, luck, and adaptation. The game consists of several rounds, each with different phases. The phases are:

PvP Phase

In this phase, you face off against another player's team on a shared board. Your champions will fight automatically according to their position, traits, items, and abilities. The winner of the battle will deal damage to the loser's health based on the number and quality of their surviving champions. The game ends when only one player remains alive.

PvE Phase

In this phase, you face off against computer-controlled enemies on your own board. These enemies can be minions, monsters, or bosses that drop gold, items, or augments when defeated. Augments are special modifiers that grant you permanent bonuses or effects for the rest of the game. You can choose one augment from a random selection after each PvE phase.

Carousel Phase

In this phase, you can choose one champion from a rotating carousel of champions that already have an item equipped. The carousel will stop after a few seconds, and you can walk up to a champion to claim it. The order of picking is determined by your current health, with the lowest health player picking first.

Planning Phase

In this phase, you can prepare for the next battle by buying champions from the shop, combining items from your inventory, placing or rearranging champions on your board, locking or refreshing your shop, leveling up your experience, or scouting your opponents' boards.

What are the rules and objectives of lol chess?

The rules and objectives of lol chess are simple but challenging. The rules are:

  • You start the game with 100 health and 2 gold.

  • You earn gold at the end of each round based on your performance, win streaks, loss streaks, interest, and augments.

  • You can spend gold to buy champions from the shop, refresh your shop for new champions, or level up your experience.

  • You can combine three copies of the same champion to upgrade them to a higher star level, up to three stars.

  • You can combine two copies of the same item to create a stronger item with a unique effect.You can place up to nine champions on your board, depending on your level and augments.

  • You can activate traits by having a certain number of champions that share the same trait on your board. Traits grant you various bonuses or effects that can boost your team's performance.

  • You lose health when you lose a battle, and you win the game when you are the last player standing.

The objectives of lol chess are:

  • To build a strong and synergistic team composition that can defeat your opponents and survive until the end.


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